Monday, October 15, 2012

Interesting review and questions from Christian reviewer, Eustacia Tan

Just got a positive review (as well as some rather interesting questions) from book blogger/reviewer, Eustacia Tan, who brings a Christian perspective.   The Mind of a Bibliophile book review and my responses to Eustacia Tan's questions.  Hope those of you who are stopping by are enjoying these guest post and interviews I've been doing (and reposting here), even though they've been taking quite a bit of time and  have therefore been limiting my own blog posts.  In fact, I now have 4 more posts to do which I haven't even started on yet and three radio interviews coming up to try to get ready for (I'll let you know when and where to find them soon just in case you'd like to listen to me squirm).   The first one was going to be this month, but the hostess (a very nice Mormon lady who broadcasts out of Utah) and her two co-hosts decided it was too controversial to discuss before the election so they're waiting until the week after.   Hmmm.  

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