Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Guest post blog (with a giveaway)

Guest post blog  (with a book giveaway).   And speaking of book giveaways, there will be 10 book giveaway on Goodreads starting this coming week.  Good luck.   -JB

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE MORONI DECEPTION now available in "hardcopy"

     If you (or your best friend, or Mom, or boss, or whoever) don't have an e-Reader, THE MORONI DECEPTION is now available at CREATESPACE.COM/MORONIDECEPTION in 5x8 trade size, and will be available on Amazon in the coming days. (Not to sway you, but Createspace shares a more generous royalty than Amazon :)   Still getting mostly very good reviews, although I just figured out if it hadn't been for four unhappy Mormon readers (three 1 Star reviews and one 2 Star), THE MORONI DECEPTION would now have a 4.7 rating instead of a 4 on Amazon.  Oh well, Momma always said, "You can't please everybody." -JB

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just got the proof back for the 5x8 trade size paperback. Other than perhaps a few little tweaks on the cover, it looks great. Should be up on Amazon by next week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Podcast/Interview on "A Book and a Chat" with Barry Eva

My "A Book and a Chat" interview with host, Barry Eva, a most enjoyable English gentleman (now living and working out of New York City).  Link:  A Book and a Chat Inteview    Barry set me up with nothing but great questions throughout the interview, yet when asked, I somehow managed to still give a somewhat stumbling synopsis of my book.  (Note to self:  Keep short, coherent written synopsis on hand during next phone interview).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why I Write

First off, still not sure what I'm in for yet, but have an upcoming live interview on the show "A Book and a Chat" (which will later be available as a podcast) with writer and host Barry Eva, coming up this Sunday at 11 am EST.  The link if you'd care to listen in, or find it later, is A Book and a Chat with Barry Eva.

(The following is for an upcoming guest blog post, which I was directed to keep in mind that  The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia book blog had a great many younger readers, so with that in mind, here's "Why I write")

                                                Why I Write

The following is a quote from the late Kurt Vonnegut, my favorite writer when I was in my late teens.

        "Go into the arts. I'm not kidding.  The arts are not a way to make a living.
         They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an
         art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for
         heaven's sake.  Sing in the shower.  Dance to the radio. Tell stories.
         Write a poem for a friend, even a lousy poem.  Do it as well as you
         possibly can.  You will get an enormous reward.  You will have created

      And I would agree.  While I loved listening to and reading stories growing up,  I loved making them up and  telling them even more.  When I was in high school and feeling like I didn't really belong (which I later learned almost everybody else felt that way), while I played sports and participated in various extracurriculars to have some interaction with other human beings, I turned mostly to books and films to find those who I could relate to (J.D. Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut are the first two who come to mind) and who I believed understood me--which again, I later found was not that unusual.  Somewhere along the line I got the crazy idea that maybe I could create the stories that people would shell out a few dollars for to go watch in the dark for a couple of hours.  I think it was not long after I'd read A Confederacy of Dunces, still my all-time favorite novel, shortly before going off to college, that I got it in my head to become a filmmaker, because an Academy Award-winning movie, I felt, absolutely had to be made of this amazing novel (although, surprisingly, after numerous starts and stops, it has still yet to be made). 
     I was fairly certain, however, they wouldn't turn over the keys of a $50 million movie to an 18 year old, so I would have to somehow work my way up to find myself in a position to one day get that film made (as well as Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan, another of my all-time top five novels).  At that time in the 80's, I didn't have a very clear idea of how to do that, although at some point it occurred to me perhaps through writing I might.  Prior to that, aside from multiple research papers I recall writing on either Porches or Vlad Tepes, the historical Dracula, all I had written were a few short humorous skits in high school which had never been more than maybe 5 or 6 pages (I vaguely remember an updated version of Antigone that I wrote, enacted with clay figures in a shoebox stage and performed in the vein of Mr. Bill, in which everyone died a gruesome Mr. Bill-like death in the end--and if you don't know who "Mr. Bill" is, ask your parents, or maybe even your grandparents).  Looking back, though, now, I realize I also wrote for not only my high school and college newspapers, but at the end of my 3 year Army stint, I was editing and writing most of my battalion's newsletter.  
     Clearly this compulsion to write was a part of me, but yet during this entire time I had never really thought of myself as a writer.  Perhaps in my youth I somehow thought of it as effete to write, or perhaps there were no writers I had ever heard of who I really wanted to emulate since it seemed like most of them were either alcoholics, drug addicts, recluses, mildly crazy, or at the least badly depressed.  Even John Kennedy Toole, the writer of my very favorite novel committed suicide before his opus had even been published (or discovered for that matter--his mother solicited the help of famed Southern writer, Walker Percy, to get publishers to finally take a look).

      After the Army (during which time I'd also attended a night-time filmmaking program)
I worked on several films in production (at the low end--not producing), and then went on to a film program at NYU.  After that I worked in a number of different (relatively menial) jobs, all the while working mostly on my film scripts, the first of which I'd started writing while still in college.  The first two were mostly autobiographical comedies, both probably pretty bad (they're lost to the ages now), but both I'm sure were necessary to get out all the biographical stuff that writers need to sometimes first get out of their systems and move past.  Which is not to say that your personality and everything that you've gleaned from your life experience shouldn't be used, but all the little real life episodes that probably seemed so cool and hilarious and in which you probably starred in, probably really don't have the makings of anything much more than a short story (I don't know if it was true, but T.C. Boyle's "Greasy Lake" is a classic "you won't believe what happened the other night" story).  After I got the first two out of my system, I went onto to complete five pretty good ones (okay, four, but the fifth one is probably the one that would have racked up at the box office), although none were ever produced.  Without going into too much detail, I did, however, send my very favorite, and probably best one off to two different director/producers I'd made the acquaintance of in somewhat roundabout ways.  Both I'm fairly certain (read my script and then watch their two movies) went onto "borrow" large chunks of my screenplay for their films, both, of course, without any acknowledgement or payment. 
      That repeated experience definitely took the wind out of my sails with regards to breaking into the film industry (which I've since gone on to learn that plagiarism and outright theft is apparently an everyday occurrence, and merely viewed as a cagey business move if you change just enough of it to keep it from being identical, as opposed to something reprehensible, as its regarded in the academic and literary world).  I still love movies, but along with those episodes, I've since found myself reading a great deal more, especially now that I also seem to have "aged out" of the demographic that most films are made for.   As far as writing The Moroni Deception, I'd always thought of trying to write a novel, and, in fact, had made several half-hearted attempts over the years, but never really had either an interesting enough story, or enough of a story to complete an entire novel--that is until I happened across Jon Krakaur's Under the Banner of Heaven.  It was then I knew I had found my source material, and I was so confident I then went on to research the LDS faith for a full year  before I ever really even put pen to paper (other than for the copious notes I took). 
      Looking back, the interesting thing I find about this whole writing evolution is that it was never just about making money.  In fact, it's not been until just fairly recently that I've finally been able to even see the first dime.  Yes, part of my hopes in all of this was to write professionally full-time one day, but the main reason, I truly believe, was just as Mr. Vonnegut said, to feed my soul, to "create something" as " a way of making life more bearable."   For the younger readers (and those few older one  to which this applies) I would just conclude with the advice that if you've not yet found your creative outlet, I would highly recommend that you do.  While I won't go so far as to say that it's the meaning of life (that would, of course, be "to love and be loved" which I learned from Peter O'Toole in the film, Creator--and biologically speaking, to procreate), but it will give a richness and an added layer to your life that if you haven't yet discovered, you will treasure when you do. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

New interview in "The" link  Jack Brody "on writing" interview

Ah, very good, you've found it.  Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?  So, here are a few words from. . .well, you'll know.  Words for the worthy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good news for those of you without an e-Reader

Good news for those of you without an e-Reader (although there are free downloadable apps to turn your laptop, desktop, or smartphone into an e-Reader--see earlier post with the links), because of what appears to be a growing interest, Visigoth Press will be releasing a hardcopy of THE MORONI DECEPTION in the very near future--initially through Amazon (but will probably also be available on the website as well at a discount). Stay tuned.  -Jack

Monday, October 15, 2012

Interesting review and questions from Christian reviewer, Eustacia Tan

Just got a positive review (as well as some rather interesting questions) from book blogger/reviewer, Eustacia Tan, who brings a Christian perspective.   The Mind of a Bibliophile book review and my responses to Eustacia Tan's questions.  Hope those of you who are stopping by are enjoying these guest post and interviews I've been doing (and reposting here), even though they've been taking quite a bit of time and  have therefore been limiting my own blog posts.  In fact, I now have 4 more posts to do which I haven't even started on yet and three radio interviews coming up to try to get ready for (I'll let you know when and where to find them soon just in case you'd like to listen to me squirm).   The first one was going to be this month, but the hostess (a very nice Mormon lady who broadcasts out of Utah) and her two co-hosts decided it was too controversial to discuss before the election so they're waiting until the week after.   Hmmm.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nice interview with yours truly in the Seattle PI

The interview with Irene Roth has mostly to do with the inspiration for THE MORONI DECEPTION and my background.   Seattle Post Intelligencer interview

Monday, October 1, 2012

And if you don't have an e-Reader. . .

A would-be reader just mentioned on the Facebook page that she didn't have a Kindle, so I will repost this bit of information. While The Moroni Deception is currently only available for e-Readers, you can, if you don't have a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Sony e-Reader, download several free apps to turn your laptop, desktop, iPad, smartphone or tablet into an e-Reading device.

Here's the app for Kindle for various systems:  KINDLE APPS
And here also are for the Sony eReader
and the Kobo e-Reader 

Friday, September 28, 2012

White Horse Prophecy anyone?

Maybe it's just coincidental and merely a reference to his wife's dressage horse (aka the now famous $77,000 tax write off), but am wondering if this is also not the artist's sly reference to the "White Horse Prophecy."   What is that you ask?   Read THE MORONI DECEPTION and find out.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New post on Marilyn's Musings book blog, talking mainly about how THE MORONI DECEPTION came about.  Check it out.  Marilyn's Musings Book Blog

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Mormon question

"Is this another attack on my (LDS) church?" is the question that has now been raised more than once on the  THE MORONI DECEPTION Facebook page .  So I will respond with what I emailed the very first person who asked. "The backdrop of the story does to a certain extent take a look at the founding of the LDS Church and certain beliefs, but ultimately it lets the reader come to his or her own decision about the religion.  If anyone does comes off looking perhaps somewhat bad, it would be the rather extreme "Rulen Jeffs" branch of the religion-- which there is a fairly clear distinction made between their practices and the mainstream church. There are also several LDS and former LDS members who are sympathetically portrayed, along with pointing out a number of positives--so no, it's not a hack job if that's what you were getting at. However, as you pointed out, a number of Catholics took great offense with regards to The Da Vinci Code, even though it was largely centered as I recall (been almost 10 years since I read it) on the non-representative Opus Dei sect. Upon further reflection, however, I could see how there may be some things in The Moroni Deception that some LDS members could potentially take offense at (largely to do with some of the historical points raised), though none was intended. When I wrote it, I just tried to keep my eyes on the road, if you will, and tell the best story that I could in the best way that I could, so perhaps I didn't give full consideration to how some things might be perceived. I can also tell you that in just about every instance when a point is raised that might at first upset some members of the LDS faith-- like for instance, that Joseph Smith was killed in a failed jailbreak, there is a counterpoint then offered by another character, that he was assassinated by a mob. So, by frequently giving two sides of the story, the reader, if interested enough, can do his or her own research to come to their own opinion. I would then add, because I don't want you to be offended or feel you've wasted your money, that if you are easily offended, this maybe is not the book for you. Hope that answers your question."  Until next time, Jack

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I've learned so far



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recent interview posted

Was recently interviewed by writer and book blogger, Mayra Calvani, who posted this article in several places around the web.  Interview with Jack Brody

Also, I again wanted to let those of you who I don't know personally, who have posted some very kind reviews, mostly on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as on Goodreads, that I really appreciate your help in trying to spread the word about my book.   Just for fun, if you are a member of Goodreads, they have various lists of books in their Listopia section under "Explore" at the top of the page.  Lists like "Best Books Turned into Movies," "Worst Books of All Time," "Best Classics of All Time," etc.  The one category they also have is "Best Thrillers," so if you've read The Moroni Deception, and think it maybe merits a vote along with whatever other thrillers were your favorites in the past, please give it--the book, a click, so we can watch it move up the list of the top 750 Thrillers of all time.  Thanks for your vote if you do, and while I would encourage the first half of the old time political party slogan, "Vote early, . . .", I would not encourage the latter ". . .and vote often," part--so no ballot stuffing :)    Until next time,  Jack

Thursday, September 6, 2012

If you don't have a Kindle. . .

Have just been informed that THE MORONI DECEPTION is now also available for purchase at Copia, as well as for your Kobo reader or app, your Barnes & Noble Nook, and at the Apple iBookstore.   The Sony Reader should be next.  The links for those are as follows:  for  B&N Nook: ; for Kobo: ;  for Copia: , and to access the Apple iBookstore, go to Apple iBookstore.   If you haven't read the first 13 chapters for free yet at either Goodreads or my website: The Moroni Deception,  do yourself a favor this weekend, and start what a lot of people are saying is a pretty darn good read.   If you are a member on Goodreads, please "Friend" me.  Always interested in seeing what other people are reading and hearing what they think about certain books--can make for some lively discussions.  Until next time, Jack

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 More great reviews

Just got a couple more very kind reviews posted on Amazon.  

1) "The writer draws you in and as the pace steps up you find it hard to put the book down. Good cast of characters and wonderful twist at the end. Entertaining, enlightening and 2012 election day relevant. Brody does a good job for his debut book. I look forward to more in the future. Perhaps a series with Chenault?"

2) "One thing I love about buying Kindle editions is how easy it is to browse around for a while, and then click to buy something that looks interesting and begin reading immediately. Trying out writers that I may not have heard of can sometimes lead to disappointment, but quite often I come across an unexpected gem. This is one of those books that I am very glad to have found - it is a fast, fun, exciting page turner. The story grabbed me from the start and kept me hooked until the end. This is my favorite type of thriller - one that comes across as very realistic with a solid, well-constructed plot. The author has also created an interesting lead character that I could see in a whole series of novels. I hope to read more from Brody in the future."

Thank you guys.  I hope to read more from Brody in the future as well :)   

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just saw a new review went up on Amazon.  Keep 'em coming.  And to those of you who have taken time out of your busy day to post a review, I just wanted to let you know that it really does mean a great deal.  One, that they've all been great reviews so far, and two, that you took several hours out of your life to take a chance on a book by an unknown author.  Without that leap of faith, no writer would ever get their start.  So again, thanks.

"First let me start by saying this is not my usual read, but a friend recommended it and I do not regret purchasing and reading the book. It snared and held my attention from the first page to the last. Very well written, great story line with lots of interesting twists in the story. The author managed to make history fun and interesting. If you enjoy reading political and or religious thrillers you will love this book. I look forward to reading more from this author."

Thank you Naliny, wherever you are.  Working on another one right now, tentatively titled THE POTUS PROTOCOL.    Until next time, Jack

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just got several more reviews in for THE MORONI DECEPTION (and I really do swear I'm not writing these). 

1)   "Just finished the book, and really enjoyed it. Great job! Really fun read, and I hope for much more - you've got some real talent for this so keep it up and give us more."

2)  "I read this in only a few sittings because it IS one of those books where you can't wait to see what happens next. If you liked Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" or Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo," you will like this book. To a degree, it is a mixture of the two and, if you will, a "Mormon Da Vinci Code." Definitely a good'll learn something about Mormonism and you'll be entertained with a very good story along the way.  This is a very timely book with Mitt Romney the first Mormon to win a major party nomination for the U.S. Presidency (something that Mormon founder Joseph Smith attempted to do, but never achieved).  You will enjoy this."

3)  "The Moroni Deception is an awesome book. It reads very well, is informative and intriguing. The book is also interesting, because it relates, somewhat, to the current Presidential Race.  I am certainly looking forward to his next book!"

4)  "If you like political thrillers, a good whodunit, or if you just want to learn more about the sometimes sordid history and dubious origins of the Mormon church, then check out Brody's debut offering. This is a fast paced, can't put it down, election year thriller; well researched and well presented, rhetorical without ever turning into a screed. The DaVinci Code comparisons are inevitable, but don't dismiss this as a Dan Brown knock-off. It deserves a place on your shelf. Looking forward to the next offering!

Well, there's only one way to find out if these are all true--take the plunge.  Go to and see for yourself, or go to to read the first 13 chapters for free.   

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, it's official.  THE MORONI DECEPTION is now on  Here's the link:  The Moroni Deception if your interest has been piqued at all.  Hope you enjoy.   Jack

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm pleased to announce as of 4:35 yesterday, "We have liftoff."  That is, I got the proof back, looked it over, and despite 3 little typos that didn't get corrected from my earlier "punchlist" (yes, I know it should have been "we've" instead of "we're" when you get to it), gave them the go-ahead to distribute (because with this company it may well have taken 2 more weeks to get the next proof back).

So, THE MORONI DECEPTION should be up on Amazon probably by next Wednesday or Thursday, and for the Nook, iPad/Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Reader, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, and eBookPie in a week to several weeks.  If, by the way, you don't have an e-reader, here are the links for free aps to read Amazon's e-Books if you don't have a Kindle , the link for the free Kobo reader ap , as well as for the free Sony Reader ap, which I viewed the proof on yesterday very satisfactorily  (however, the Sony e-book store will be, I'm told, probably one of the last ones to distribute the book.)   Anyway, hope you enjoy.  Looking forward to your feedback and reviews (I'll keep an eye out on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, and Librarything.)  Until next time, Jack

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well, I still have somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth from yesterday's post (and still no book), but I think it's time to move on, cleanse the palate, and pass on these extremely kind words I received from one reader who just finished THE MORONI DECEPTION.  

      "The book was amazing! Have you started your next one yet.......I'm waiting!"

In case you haven't had a chance to read the first 13 relatively short, quick-moving chapters yet, go to  I did leave the historical prologue off on the site, so don't forget to read it if you do decide to go ahead and get THE MORONI DECEPTION for your Kindle, Nook, or whatever preferred e-reading device you have.  And if you don't have an e-reader, I understand there are several free downloadable aps to turn your smartphone, tablet, or laptop into one.  However, if you still insist on a hardcopy paper version before you'll read it (like several of my techphobic friends and acquaintances), please email me at so I can get some idea if I should go ahead and get some copies printed, which I'm not averse to doing.  Until next time (hopefully with an Amazon announcement),   Jack

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well, here it is a week later, and once again I'm waiting on BookBaby to finish their book "conversion" process.  (I previously had an epic paragraph here, bitching about my experience with this company, but I even lost interest reading it a second time--and I lived it--so I thought I'd spare you the details. But if you are thinking about using BookBaby, write me and I'll be happy to share my experience with you.)   Anyway, long story short, if it had not been for Nikola, a very understanding and apologetic BookBaby customer service rep (unlike her 2 predecessors I dealt with), I likely would have told them to shove it and hopped ship to give Smashwords or CreateSpace a try, but luckily they had the foresight to hire at least one very pleasant customer service rep with some people skills.  Thank you again, Nikola.  I look forward to receiving my book back soon.  Hopefully, my next post will be that announcement--that it's finally back and will be up on Amazon in a few days.  Until next time,   Jack  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just heard from another couple of readers who got a sneak peek at THE MORONI DECEPTION before it hits Amazon early next week, who passed on these very kind words.  


"I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and hope it catches on big time.  Also hope you have around the clock security after it does."   

I'm sure I don't know what he means by that last line, other than that maybe he knows something about "Danites" (who are explained in the novel), that the rest of us don't.  

And I know it's probably a bit of a stretch, but with early requests coming in from France, Germany, Ireland, and Brazil (and now Belgium as of 8/25), I guess, technically, I can claim I have an "internationally known" novel--at least that's what I'll tell the ladies.  

Now, I generally try to stay somewhat apolitical (my mother always said, "Don't discuss religion or politics with folks."), but a major portion of the novel is centered around a Presidential run, so I have to ask the question, "What the **** was Mitt Romney thinking?"  I've seen the VP pick approval polls on this Ryan guy, and they're even lower than they were for Dan Quayle.  And that's saying something-- by voters from his own party.  Just a few of his many accomplishment that I Wiki'd:  he was elected "Biggest brownnoser" in high school (sadly, I'm not making that up), in 14 years of Congress (first elected at age 28, and doesn't appear to have ever held a "real job" outside Washington) he got just 2 bills passed (which granted, is 2 more than I got passed, but I wasn't getting paid $200,000/year in Congress for the last 14 years), and he apparently idolizes Ayn Rand, whose writing inspired him, and upon which most of his world view is apparently based (don't get me started--although if you're going to pick a slightly demented writer to base your life upon, I guess she's a step above L. Ron Hubbard).   The accomplishment that I am most impressed by, however, is that he's down to 6% bodyfat using the PX90 workout--now that's some tough stuff, but probably not a great enough accomplishment to justify being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Although, I have to say, across the aisle, Joe Biden's no prize either.  But no matter who you vote for this Fall, just remember to vote (and, of course, buy my book :).   Until next time,  Jack  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Isn't it funny how you can read over something approximately 637 times (as well as probably relying a bit too heavily on "Spellcheck") and your brain still doesn't catch or distinguish that the word should be "guest" instead of "guess" until the 638th time.  I guess early on (and I'm already not the greatest speller), when I'm writing in a mad dash and just trying to get it all down on paper before I forget, I frequently, and unconsciously, interchange "no" and "know" along with a few other homonyms (and similar words), with the plan to catch and correct them in the edit.   Well, that "guess" (and approximately 33 other little glitches) means that it's back to the drawing board to wait for another proof--for at least another week.  On the bright side, however (and I don't think she would mind me sharing),  this is my favorite review so far from a reader who got a sneak peek at THE MORONI DECEPTION, who sent this to me in an email yesterday--and no, it wasn't from my mother (in case you were wondering :).

    "I am addicted to this book.  I have read 30 chapters and I hate to stop reading to go to bed, but considering it is midnight.....guess I have to stop. Wow!  This is a super book and would make a great movie!  I love this book!"   

     And also, no, I didn't pay her to say that--it's just that good.   Kidding--I'm sure THE MORONI DECEPTION isn't for everybody, but if you like conspiracy thrillers (with a little sex, a lot of violence, and most importantly, an unfolding mystery/conspiracy that you may or may not figure out along the way), I think you'll enjoy it.  Read the first 13 chapters for free at and let me know what you think.  Until next time,  Jack

Monday, August 6, 2012

And so it begins.  Just got the proof back a week early, which means if everything looks okay,  THE MORONI DECEPTION could be on Amazon within the week.  Because of whatever conversion process and backlog, however, it will not be available for the Nook, IPad/AppleStore, Sony Reader, Kobo, and several others for a few weeks.  However, there are several free aps to download, I understand, to be able to read Amazon Kindle books on the IPad and other devices (computers, smartphones, etc).  Also, even though I have a couple already in mind that I've started on, I'm looking for some other good quasi-political/religious conspiracies to have Michael Chenault investigate in the future if you have any ideas.  You've gotta love when religion and politics get stirred up together--such wonderful things often come out.  Kidding--that's one thing the founding fathers definitely got right--keep 'em separated.   Until next time.   Jack.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well, the good news is that The Moroni Deception was sent off to BookBaby yesterday.  The bad news is that because of whatever they have to do for their conversion process into an e-pub file, it's going to take another couple of weeks before they'll send it off to their various e-Book partners and distributors.  Then after that, Amazon will have it up in just a couple of days--the others (Nook, Kobo, Sony, IPad, etc) however, will take several weeks (will keep you posted).  I've also recently learned if you don't have an e-reading device (and this makes perfect sense), there are a number of free aps (Kobo comes to mind, along with quite a few of them that work with Amazon) that can be downloaded to convert your desktop, laptop, or smartphone in to your own e-reader.  Despite this information which I passed on to a relative the other day who was Kindle-less, she still insisted that she much preferred books, and would probably not take my advice (and, I guess, would therefore not read my book until it came out in hardcopy).  Now, I'm just about as old school (or Luddite-like) as it gets when it comes to electronic gizmos and gadgets (I barely make use of my cell phone which mostly just sits in my car for emergencies), but when you can store up an entire library in the palm of your hand for a fraction of the cost (not to mention all the free Classics and older titles), I'm not quite sure what the cons are.  Now I've heard some people, like my 70-year-old father, say they're tactile and just have to have something to hold in their hands so they can turn actual pages (which I guess for some is part of the reading experience), but she actually said that she preferred books because she wanted "something for verification" of what she had read.  That I don't get, and I'm also pretty sure most libraries (or friends) don't let you keep their books after you've read them for your reading trophies.  That said, I do keep my copies of A Confederacy of Dunces, Ishmael, The Sirens of Titan, The Impressionist, Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, Candide, MacDonald's Travis McGee series, the complete works of Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, and Roald Dahl's short stories by my bedside to reread whenever the spirit moves me--books or stories that were important to me at some time in my life and which remind me of simpler times.  Until next time.  Jack

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just got the final outside edit to go over and then it's off to the (figurative) presses (Amazon's Kindle, B&N's Nook, Sony's Reader Store, Kobo, Apple's iBookstore, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, and eBookPie).  Also, the website  is just about complete, and you should be able to read the first 10 relatively short, quick-moving chapters for free in the next few days to see if THE MORONI DECEPTION is your cup of tea.  Then after that, if you like it--less than the price of a movie ticket to read the complete novel (which also includes the historical prologue not included on the website).   Also, please feel free to forward on to any of your friends whom you think might be interested by clicking one of the tabs (Twitter, FB G+1, or email) on the upper righthand side of the homepage.  And just as a reminder if you haven't read some of the earlier entries, quite a few people who've already read THE MORONI DECEPTION have described it as a sort of Mormon DaVinci Code with similar elements (although, I won't say which ones) from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which I actually didn't read until just a few years ago, long after my story was pretty much complete--I've just been rewriting for the last couple of years).   However, I will say the story is wholly unique and I only throw out those other two titles so you won't be expecting The Help or some Jonathan Franzen opus.   Until next time,  Jack

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The other day I mentioned something about the program I had heard Amazon ran, which would have allowed me to get THE MORONI DECEPTION into the hands of new readers for free for the first five days.  Guess I should have checked the details first, because while they do, in fact, have that program, I would've had to have given them an exclusive on the novel for the first 90 days.  While Amazon is definitely the 800 pound gorilla in the e-Book room, quite a few people do have Nooks, Kobos, and IPads and the like, and I want it to be available to everybody.  So, as a consolation, I'll run a little contest.  For the first 5 people who read this and email me at, I'll send you an Amazon coupon or gift card (or for whatever e-reader you have, just let me know) to purchase THE MORONI DECEPTION.  The next 5 winners, however, will have to "decode" the writing below the angel on the book cover (if you click on the blog's book cover entry, it will enlarge it).   For the first five correct entries, I 'll send out a coupon or gift card as well.  I'd give you a hint, but what fun is there in that?  Until next time.  Jack

Monday, July 16, 2012

For those of you who appear to have stumbled across my blog, maybe you've checked out my still under construction website and seen this, but if not, here's the inside jacket synopsis to whet your appetite for what's to come.

Michael Chenault, award-winning investigative journalist with The New York Times, is rousted in the middle of the night by NYPD detectives and accused of the bizarre murder of a complete stranger.  After clearing himself, Chenault finds that Martin Koplanski, the retired history professor he'd been accused of murdering, was likely killed for a mysterious Mormon relic long thought to be just a myth.

Twenty-four hours later, Chenault receives an email with a photo of the recently murdered wife of Presidential candidate, Brockston Ratchford. She too appears to have been ritually killed in the exact manner as Koplanski, right down to having the same cryptic character scrawled in blood across her forehead. With way more than just a hunch to now go on, Chenault heads out to Salt Lake City, the site of the Ratchford murder investigation, to find out what, if any, connection there is between the murders.

With the help of a beautiful young reporter he meets along the way, Chenault comes to learn the dark family secrets of a rising political star, along with the rather strange but true history of the Mormon church.  As he pieces the story together of what appears to be an ever-growing conspiracy, Chenault is pursued by The Brothers, two murderous zealots who will stop at nothing to retrieve the Mormon relic Chenault is also trying to find. What Chenault eventually discovers is that what he's uncovered may not only affect the outcome of the next Presidential election, but decide the fate of an entire religion--if he can manage to stay alive.

In the tradition of Raymond Khoury, Brad Meltzer, Dan Brown and Steve Berry, The Moroni Deception is a cleverly conceived, twisting tale of deceit and political and religious intrigue by a new master of the conspiracy thriller.

(I don't know about that very last part yet, but it sure does sound good :)  Until next time.  Jack


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well, it only took five and a half years, but THE MORONI DECEPTION is finally frick'n finished.  Just have to reformat for the e-book conversion, to check the proofs, and then have it out to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and several others.  Remember, if you go to the website, which should be completed soon, you get to read a good number of chapters for free to see if it's your cup of tea, and then after that--less than the price of a movie ticket.  I'm also thinking about letting it go for free for the first 5 days on Amazon (they apparently have a program where you can do that), so stay tuned.  And don't forget to tell, FB, Twitter, G+1, and share with your friends.  All I would ask is, if you like it, please put a favorable blurb or review up on Amazon or Goodreads, and if you don't, well, just remember what your mother taught you,  "If you can't say anything nice. . ."   Just kidding.  It's a free country, and I'm all about freedom of speech.  Just be gentle :)   Until next time.  Jack

Monday, July 9, 2012

I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure Walter Kronkite, Harry Reasoner, David Brinkley, Chet Huntly, Eric Sevareid, Howard K. Smith, Peter Jennings, John Chancellor, and Edward R. Murrow, all just rolled over in their graves tonight as NBC Nightly News closed with a piece on the quick and amicable settement between "TomKat."  (I think I actually vomited a little bit in the back of my mouth) I actually felt bad for poor Brian Williams who then had to close the segment and sign off, and who's shame-faced expression truly conveyed "This cannot be my life."  I guess once the network geniuses decided that news could actually be a moneymaking commodity, instead of treating it like the respectable, even prestigious loss-leader that it was for years, that was one of the early steps down a very wrong path. If anybody can share with me how yet even more information (like there's not enough already on the internet, in the tabloids, and the "Entertainment Tonight"-type shows) on Tom and Katie's failed nuptials help to contribute to the networks duty of keeping the public well informed (they have to agree to stuff like that when they get a broadcasting license), I would love to hear it.  (And I'm not normally this snarky, but had a rough last couple of days).  Until next time.   Jack.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

      It just occurred to me, as I look up from what feels like the one hundredth rewrite of the last paragraph, that it’s been a while since my last entry. Along with all the rewriting I‘ve been doing, as the Chinese saying (or curse) goes, my life of late has been quite “interesting” (which partially explains at least one month of my delay in getting this thing finished). I really had planned to be finished by late May, but as July comes up around the corner, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be happening. I’m also still trying to decide what the focus of this blog should be. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to hear about the writing process, and how difficult and lonely it can sometimes be--that’s just depressing (and not entirely true, because I find that when I sometimes get into a “Matrix”-like groove--where everything that needs corrected or rewritten just leaps out at me-- I can write for several hours and barely notice that any time has passed).
     Maybe every once in a while I’ll toss out my two cents about the writing life, but for now, with a Presidential election coming up (which is one of the focus’s of the novel), and all the shenanigans, mudslinging, and negative advertisements coming up, that seems like about as good a subject as any to occasionally comment upon. That, along with another aspect of the book, which is also fairly relevant-- the slow drawn-out death of traditional news reporting, much to the detriment of our country and our democracy. The Fourth Estate was once one of the unwritten “checks and balances“ of government, but both "sides" now seem to have gotten so partisan, that half of what they report can probably be tossed aside (the unnerving question, though, is, which half?). Then perhaps almost as unsettling--the alarmingly heavy reliance on info-tainment. But then it seems if certain news organizations don’t adapt in the changing news landscape (going partisan or into the quasi-entertainment business with their news) they either go completely under, or flounder until they eventually adapt or die. It really is actually pretty scary. Would, of course, be curious to hear your thoughts as well?   Until next time.   Jack

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The decision to take the path less (traditionally) taken

When the question arises, as it frequently seems to, as to why did I decide to forego the more traditional publishing route and publish directly to the various e-reader platforms, my answer is this.  For several reasons.  First, with all the current interest in the Mormon religion that there seems to be, and the fact that in Mitt Romney they have their first serious contender for the Presidency, that it just seemed like by going the Kindle/Nook/IPad route, it would be a much more expedient way to try to “catch the wave” of current interest in this election year. I feel fortunate that in the year Mitt Romney just happens to be the GOP nominee, I’ve written a novel that I could foresee some reviewers referring to as the “Mormon DaVinci Code” with a character running for President who just happens to be a Mormon, and who it appears will say or do just about anything to get elected  (although, I guess that last bit would probably apply to just just about anybody running for President these days).  And so, if I'd gone the more traditional route and waited to find an interested agent and then publisher, it would probably take another year or two just to get it on the shelves, and by then he’s either the President or the next John McCain, and either way, there’s probably going to be less interest. The other reason, and maybe it’s also just fortunate timing, but with everything I keep reading and hearing about--with regards to the changes taking place in the publishing industry--it just seemed like the perfect time to try it this way. So, I really wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel--the wheel seemed to have already been reinvented, which I’d say was pretty much official the day Amazon announced last year that they had sold more electronic books over their Kindle than they had in the way of hard-copy books. Obviously, I would still like to find a traditional publisher to publish and promote the novel to reach the readers who don’t have an e-reading device, but in the meantime, I can price the book competitively to make it more attractive to a reader who’s never heard of my writing, and then promote it through the many ways that are now available through social media and on the various reading websites like Goodreads.  Until next time,  Jack

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sneak preview

With my novel coming out in the next couple months, I figured now was as good a time as any to start trying to find readers who might have an interest in The Moroni Deception.  Here's a sneak peek at the back jacket synopsis.    

         Identical ritual murders two thousand miles apart.
    A missing Mormon artifact, long thought to be just a myth.
  Investigating the connection, what reporter Michael Chenault
  uncovers may not only determine the next Presidential election,
         but cause an entire religion to come tumbling down.
                             If he can stay alive.

Until next time,   Jack