Thursday, September 6, 2012

If you don't have a Kindle. . .

Have just been informed that THE MORONI DECEPTION is now also available for purchase at Copia, as well as for your Kobo reader or app, your Barnes & Noble Nook, and at the Apple iBookstore.   The Sony Reader should be next.  The links for those are as follows:  for  B&N Nook: ; for Kobo: ;  for Copia: , and to access the Apple iBookstore, go to Apple iBookstore.   If you haven't read the first 13 chapters for free yet at either Goodreads or my website: The Moroni Deception,  do yourself a favor this weekend, and start what a lot of people are saying is a pretty darn good read.   If you are a member on Goodreads, please "Friend" me.  Always interested in seeing what other people are reading and hearing what they think about certain books--can make for some lively discussions.  Until next time, Jack

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