Monday, August 6, 2012

And so it begins.  Just got the proof back a week early, which means if everything looks okay,  THE MORONI DECEPTION could be on Amazon within the week.  Because of whatever conversion process and backlog, however, it will not be available for the Nook, IPad/AppleStore, Sony Reader, Kobo, and several others for a few weeks.  However, there are several free aps to download, I understand, to be able to read Amazon Kindle books on the IPad and other devices (computers, smartphones, etc).  Also, even though I have a couple already in mind that I've started on, I'm looking for some other good quasi-political/religious conspiracies to have Michael Chenault investigate in the future if you have any ideas.  You've gotta love when religion and politics get stirred up together--such wonderful things often come out.  Kidding--that's one thing the founding fathers definitely got right--keep 'em separated.   Until next time.   Jack.

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