Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just heard from another couple of readers who got a sneak peek at THE MORONI DECEPTION before it hits Amazon early next week, who passed on these very kind words.  


"I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and hope it catches on big time.  Also hope you have around the clock security after it does."   

I'm sure I don't know what he means by that last line, other than that maybe he knows something about "Danites" (who are explained in the novel), that the rest of us don't.  

And I know it's probably a bit of a stretch, but with early requests coming in from France, Germany, Ireland, and Brazil (and now Belgium as of 8/25), I guess, technically, I can claim I have an "internationally known" novel--at least that's what I'll tell the ladies.  

Now, I generally try to stay somewhat apolitical (my mother always said, "Don't discuss religion or politics with folks."), but a major portion of the novel is centered around a Presidential run, so I have to ask the question, "What the **** was Mitt Romney thinking?"  I've seen the VP pick approval polls on this Ryan guy, and they're even lower than they were for Dan Quayle.  And that's saying something-- by voters from his own party.  Just a few of his many accomplishment that I Wiki'd:  he was elected "Biggest brownnoser" in high school (sadly, I'm not making that up), in 14 years of Congress (first elected at age 28, and doesn't appear to have ever held a "real job" outside Washington) he got just 2 bills passed (which granted, is 2 more than I got passed, but I wasn't getting paid $200,000/year in Congress for the last 14 years), and he apparently idolizes Ayn Rand, whose writing inspired him, and upon which most of his world view is apparently based (don't get me started--although if you're going to pick a slightly demented writer to base your life upon, I guess she's a step above L. Ron Hubbard).   The accomplishment that I am most impressed by, however, is that he's down to 6% bodyfat using the PX90 workout--now that's some tough stuff, but probably not a great enough accomplishment to justify being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Although, I have to say, across the aisle, Joe Biden's no prize either.  But no matter who you vote for this Fall, just remember to vote (and, of course, buy my book :).   Until next time,  Jack  

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