Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The other day I mentioned something about the program I had heard Amazon ran, which would have allowed me to get THE MORONI DECEPTION into the hands of new readers for free for the first five days.  Guess I should have checked the details first, because while they do, in fact, have that program, I would've had to have given them an exclusive on the novel for the first 90 days.  While Amazon is definitely the 800 pound gorilla in the e-Book room, quite a few people do have Nooks, Kobos, and IPads and the like, and I want it to be available to everybody.  So, as a consolation, I'll run a little contest.  For the first 5 people who read this and email me at, I'll send you an Amazon coupon or gift card (or for whatever e-reader you have, just let me know) to purchase THE MORONI DECEPTION.  The next 5 winners, however, will have to "decode" the writing below the angel on the book cover (if you click on the blog's book cover entry, it will enlarge it).   For the first five correct entries, I 'll send out a coupon or gift card as well.  I'd give you a hint, but what fun is there in that?  Until next time.  Jack

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