Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well, it only took five and a half years, but THE MORONI DECEPTION is finally frick'n finished.  Just have to reformat for the e-book conversion, to check the proofs, and then have it out to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and several others.  Remember, if you go to the website, which should be completed soon, you get to read a good number of chapters for free to see if it's your cup of tea, and then after that--less than the price of a movie ticket.  I'm also thinking about letting it go for free for the first 5 days on Amazon (they apparently have a program where you can do that), so stay tuned.  And don't forget to tell, FB, Twitter, G+1, and share with your friends.  All I would ask is, if you like it, please put a favorable blurb or review up on Amazon or Goodreads, and if you don't, well, just remember what your mother taught you,  "If you can't say anything nice. . ."   Just kidding.  It's a free country, and I'm all about freedom of speech.  Just be gentle :)   Until next time.  Jack

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