Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE MORONI DECEPTION now available in "hardcopy"

     If you (or your best friend, or Mom, or boss, or whoever) don't have an e-Reader, THE MORONI DECEPTION is now available at CREATESPACE.COM/MORONIDECEPTION in 5x8 trade size, and will be available on Amazon in the coming days. (Not to sway you, but Createspace shares a more generous royalty than Amazon :)   Still getting mostly very good reviews, although I just figured out if it hadn't been for four unhappy Mormon readers (three 1 Star reviews and one 2 Star), THE MORONI DECEPTION would now have a 4.7 rating instead of a 4 on Amazon.  Oh well, Momma always said, "You can't please everybody." -JB

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